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The Church of Liberty, established in April of 2008 C.E., constitutes the first  religion dedicated to the worship of Libertatism.

Adherents, commonly referred to as Libertatians (not to be confused with libertarians or libertines) believe that God is the pure manifestation of peace and freedom in our lives.  God, ergo, wants us to be as free as possible.

The term Libertatism comes from the name of a free colony, Libertatia, forged by pirates under the leadership of Captain James Misson in the late 1600s.  Whether or not Libertatia actually existed is disputed.

There is one commandment under Libertatism:

Thou shalt not aggress or advocate aggression against the person or just property of anyone else.

Libertatism is not a pacifistic religion, unlike Christianity which commands each person to turn the other cheek.  Nor does Libertatism hold, as LaVeyan Satanism does, that one must take action to defend one’s self.  Libertatism holds that the use of defensive force is completely just, but does not obligate anyone to use it.

Libertatism, however, is an anarchist religion.  Since no person or persons has of have the authority to initiate force, i.e. to aggress, and since states by their very nature initiate force to maintain their unnatural monopoly control over their subjects, no state may ethically exist.  The state ceases being a state upon compliance with the one commandment of Libertatism.

Libertatism is a panendeistic religion.  It holds, as do other forms of deism, that understanding of God can be gained through the use of reason.  We do not believe that God, if She exists, wish to us to simply accept Her existence because other people tell us to, or because Her existence is supposedly verified by a book, or because Her existence is revealed to us through some supposed “divine revelation.”  Rather, if God is rational, then She wishes for us to be rational as well, to question the world around us, and to gain an appreciation of Her on our own, independently.

There are no priests in Libertatism.  The religion spreads, not by bashing people over the head with it, but by casual word of mouth.  In keeping with our individualistic tendencies, the Church of Liberty sees no need to ensure that it maintains or promotes organised religion.

Despite how it may appear from this webpage, Libertatism does not hold that God necessarily possesses a gender.  Many Libertatians prefer to refer to God with the objective form of the feminine pronoun because the term “Liberty” is a feminine term in French, la Liberté.  However, there is no objective Libertatist rule regarding how one ought to refer to God.

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